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"Shadowood is the perfect place to go when you want to get away from the office for a week. Enjoyed the trip, the meals were yummy, and the hosts were the best! Thanks for having us. " --Robert L. Windsor CT


The Wildlife around Shadowood Lodge

See a Moose! From eagles to moose, deer, elk and wolf, and everything else in between, the wildlife you see at Shadowood will stop you in your tracks. We strongly urge you to bring a good digital camera when you come here. You will have a lot of oppportunities for taking pictures during your stay!

Montana Fly Fishing in the Famed Yellowstone River

We are located less than three miles away from some of the best fly fishing in the world. The Yellowstone River can be viewed from the Lodge, and is full of rainbow and cutthroat trout. It's catch and release as we feel that a trout is just too valuable a resource to take out of the river.

Seasons in Montana in the Northern Rocky Mountains

There's a saying around here in Montana. There are only two seasons: winter, and road construction! However, it's a local joke. Montana truly has four seasons of the year, including a very warm and pleasant summertime. Temperatures can range from sub zero in the winter months to in the nineties during the summer.

Spring (April, May and early June)

Wild HarebellsWith the passing of usually cold weather here in Montana at Shadowood, comes the birth of springtime. Buds are on the trees and wildflowers, and the rolling hills are green and lush. Snow on top of the mountains, temperatures from the 30's in the morning, and up to various mild temperatures during the day, 60-70 deg. Wildflowers are showing up, like the shooting star, spring-parsley, wild violets, calypso orchids and harebells.

If you are coming to Shadowood in the spring (April, May and early June), bring layers of clothing, fleece vests, sweaters, etc. Remember, we are at 7,000 feet altitude, so it may be cooler at our location here in the mountains. As for outwear, we recommend a wind-breaker, as generally the wind is still blowing at times through the mountains, as the weather changes.

Antelope Near ShadowoodSummer (June, July, August, September)

Our favorite time of the year! The weather is usually warm, sunny skies, and the Montana big sky is ever present. Temperatures range from the 40's in early summer in the morning, to 80 and 90 deg during the day. Again the theme for clothing recommendations is layers of clothing. In the heat of the summer, shorts are perfectly okay. Montana is known for fast moving thunderstorms, so if you plan to be out fly fishing or doing any other type of outdoor activity, we recommend light rain gear (a poncho works fine) that can easily be packed away in your gear. We also recommend a good sunblock to bring along for UV protection. Montana in the summer is indeed an incredible site to behold!

Beautiful sunsets in Montana!Fall in Montana (late September, October, November)

Long shadows and colorful foilage signal the beginning of fall in Montana. Incredible sunsets and the starriest nights you'll ever see. A recent visitor from a major city told us that he didn't realize there were so many stars in the sky. As for the foilage, the appearance of color varies depending on the elevation. Late September to mid Ocotober is typically the best for colorful foilage here in Montana.

The fall weather varies greatly, temperature wise. Mild to warm days, and cool nights. Dress warm for the mornings, but be ready to switch to lighter clothes by noon. At 7,000 feet, you are likely to experience snow late in the fall, but at this altitude that is not surprising!

Winter in MontanaWinter (December, January, February and March)

The winter season in Montana means two things. Snow and cold temperatures, especially at 7,000 feet. Dress warm, gloves and hats are the norm here. Ski parkas and long underwear work well during this season. We've got plenty of wood for the fireplace at Shadowood, and the fire is always blazing warm. You'll enjoy it indoors, and outdoors as well.